Through the eyes of a CHAMPION

10 favorite things about the Crossfit Games Masters Competition

by: Colleen Fahey

1. Lots of Reebok gear. Each competitor got a huge Reebok gym bag filled with a variety of color choices in shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, and everything needed to gear up for the competition. All customized with our name and number. My favorites are our games jerseys with our home box name on the back. I'm so proud to represent for my home box.

2. A huge air conditioned athletes' tent complete with Reebok lounge chairs and comfy couches, food, water and trainers. Athletes gathered inside as the weather heated up. A great place to chat with each other and make new friends. Also a nice place for a nap!

3. Airrosti Athlete Services was there to take care of any training needs, medical needs, and provided a ton of rollers, LAX balls, and mats to stretch out on. I got several treatments on sore elbows and tight back that really helped. Super friendly staff that had so much advice that I wanted to take notes during my appts.

4. Fans. They endured the hot conditions in the bleachers and at the fence to cheer us on. Seeing a familiar face in the crowd was a huge boost. Whether you had your own cheering section or not, everyone got cheers along the way and especially at the finish. Running on the far side of the track where scattered fans called your name and yelled encouragement was the best. 

5. Media. They were everywhere with camera and mics. Interviews were happening throughout the 3 days of competition really hitting home that the sport of crossfit and especially masters crossfit has ramped up exponentially in the past few years. Having a camera in front of you really kicks your body into a new gear. 

6. Hard bodies. Each age group featured some of the most amazing bodies of 'over forty' year old athletes on the planet. You would barely know that it was a masters competition by looking at the super fit bodies and the energy levels of the athletes. It was truly inspiring to know that the oldest woman competitor is 69 years old! That means we masters can look forward to many more years of competition. I wouldn't be surprised if CrossFit considers opening a new 70+ division one day. 

7. Friendships. Were formed instantly out of respect and knowing that each of us had sacrificed so much and put in so much time training. We all had so much in common that conversations were struck up easily. 

8. Competition. Was intense. Each of us gave it ALL through the heat, exhaustion and some injuries. This is the true meaning of CrossFit and we showed that masters are up to the task of training practically year round and pushing the limits of our bodies in ways that most people wouldn't dare to attempt.

9. Support. The calls, emails and posts from home and friends and fans all over was especially inspiring and appreciated. California is a long way from home and all the messages made it feel a little better when the competition heated up.

10. Reloading. Back home now and reloading for a new season with a whole new outlook and plans. Plus a few new special friends that that I met or reunited with at the Crossfit Games.